Simple ratio plot failing for both pyROOT and C

Hello, I am trying to make a simple ratio plot out of root files, which of each includes a TH1D.

My root environment is set up with

source external/root/bin/

when the source file is derived from the ROOT 6.08/06 binary distribution for ubuntu64.

The two root files, which contain the TH1D histograms are located in
with name of qcd.root and newqcd.root

Both root file contain

TFile**		newqcd.root	
 TFile*		newqcd.root	
  KEY: TH1D	nlo_0.500_0.500_000;1	
  KEY: TH1D	nlo_0.500_1.000_000;1	
  KEY: TH1D	nlo_1.000_0.500_000;1	
  KEY: TH1D	nlo_1.000_1.000_000;1	
  KEY: TH1D	nlo_1.000_2.000_000;1	
  KEY: TH1D	nlo_2.000_1.000_000;1	
  KEY: TH1D	nlo_2.000_2.000_000;1

(same for qcd.root)

I attempt to get a ratio plot of


I have pyROOT script named in the same directory
Below is the script that I run with command python

from ROOT import *

def ratio():
   life = TFile('/home/CI8TeV/fastNLO/CT10/000/JESJERPDF/qcd.root')
   death = TFile('/home/CI8TeV/fastNLO/CT10/000/JESJERPDF/newqcd.root')
   h1 = TH1D( 'h1', 'h1', 20, 500, 2500)
   h2 = TH1D( 'h2', 'h2', 20, 500, 2500)
   h1 = life.Get('nl0_0.500_0.500_000').Clone('h1')
   h2 = death.Get('nlo_0.500_0.500_000').Clone('h1')

   c = TCanvas('c', 'canvas', 800, 800)
   hratio = h1.Clone('hratio')


However, it gives an error message of

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 21, in
File “”, line 9, in ratio
h1 = life.Get(‘nl0_0.500_0.500_000’).Clone(‘h1’)
ReferenceError: attempt to access a null-pointer

I also have C macro named ratioplo1.C in the same directory that I run with

root ratioplot1.C

The script basically has same argument but with C language

void ratioplot1(){ 
   TFile* life = new TFile("/home/chad/CI8TeV/fastNLO/CT10/000/JESJERPDF/newqcd.root");
   TFile* death = new TFile("/home/chad/CI8TeV/fastNLO/CT10/000/JESJERPDF/qcd.root");
   TH1D *h1 = (TH1D*)life->Get("nl0_0.500_0.500_000")->Clone("h1");
   TH1D *h2 = (TH1D*)death->Get("nlo_0.500_0.500_000")->Clone("h2");

   // Define the Canvas
   TCanvas *c = new TCanvas("c", "canvas", 800, 800);

     TH1D *hratio = (TH1D*)hratio->Get(h1)->Clone("hratio");

It gives me a different error message.

root [0]
Processing ratioplot1.C…
In file included from input_line_8:1:
/home/chad/CI8TeV/fastNLO/CT10/000/JESJERPDF/ratioplot1.C:22:36: error: no
member named ‘Get’ in 'TH1D’
TH1D hratio = (TH1D)hratio->Get(h1)->Clone(“hratio”);
~~~~~~ ^
/home/chad/CI8TeV/fastNLO/CT10/000/JESJERPDF/ratioplot1.C:23:12: error: no
matching member function for call to 'Divide’
/home/chad/external/root/etc/…/include/TH1.h:212:21: note: candidate function
not viable: no known conversion from ‘const char [3]’ to ‘TF1 *’ for 1st
virtual Bool_t Divide(TF1 *f1, Double_t c1=1);
/home/chad/external/root/etc/…/include/TH1.h:213:21: note: candidate function
not viable: no known conversion from ‘const char [3]’ to ‘const TH1 *’ for
1st argument
virtual Bool_t Divide(const TH1 *h1);
/home/chad/external/root/etc/…/include/TH1.h:214:21: note: candidate function
not viable: requires at least 2 arguments, but 1 was provided
virtual Bool_t Divide(const TH1 *h1, const TH1 *h2, Double_t c1=1, …

Could I get to know what are the sources of problem for both the pyROOT and C files that I have?

Thank you so much.

The “attempt to access a null-pointer” suggests that the “nl0_0.500_0.500_000” histogram is not present in your “life” file (I guess you wanted to say “nlo_0.500_0.500_000”).

In your C++ macro, try:

TH1D *hratio = (TH1D*)h1->Clone("hratio");
// ...
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