Simple PROOF Setup with Local Disk: tutorial?

I’m looking for a simple config guide for setting up PROOF. I realize there are tutorials included, but they seem hopelessly complex. I’m looking for somethign along the lines of the following:

  1. proper parameter so use a local disk file for the pool on one node, which contains say 10 files containing the data to analyze (all flies with same tree, ec.).
  2. How to make a plot of one of the variables in the tree drawing from all 10 files
  3. How to run a TSelector that generates/fills several histos

Looking through runProof.C there are lots of “%s”, etc., in there that makes it very hard for me to see the details (the URI’s, etc.) of what is going on. Perhaps there is a simpler tutorial somewhere and I missed it? Many thanks!

Cheers, Gordon.

Now that I’ve fought through this it turns out it is pretty easy - but for people who don’t really know PROOF there is a lot of stuff you have to ignore (poolurl!@?, setting up a xrootd server, etc.). I was looking for a simple tutorial that would have told me:

  2. What env vars needed to be set on the local system (ROOTSYS only, I guess)
  3. Start up proof
  4. From a client tell PROOF how to find some files in the PROOF local file system to run over
  5. Create a small TSelector that will extract a plot or to after running over those files.

I was not able to find this information in any single place - rather it was scattered all over. Further, most of the tutorials out there are for building multi-machine PROOF system. Something simple so one can get an idea of the features and limitations of basic proof, however… well, that was what I was not able to find.