Simple Hello World Gui PROBLEMS

I’m trying to compile a VERY simple program with MS Visual Studio.NET under MS Windows XP.
I’m using root v3.10.01.win32gdk.

The program HANGS during a “CustomReAlloc2” invoked by the constructor of TApplication…
It says something like “old size wrong”.

Could you please get a look to my code? I’m really going crazy!

Thank you in advance,
Piergiorgio (625 KB)

Hi Piergiorgio,
I didn’t check your MSVC solution yet (too big for modem and breakfast time), but my best guess is: Don’t link against libNew, i.e. remove it from the setting where you specified all the root libs. This is, if I remember correctly, where the CustomReAlloc2 problem comes from.


Thank you very much Axel,
The problem was in NewLib.lib/Dll as you told me!

“See” you soon,