Simple data acquisition program

Dear all,
I am working on a simple data acquisition program. In a previous version of the program we used fortran and paw, for online data monitoring. Now we switched to c and we want to use root for online data monitoring. To this purpose I need a kind of shared memory. With paw we used a GLOBAL_SEC. What is the equivalent in root? Is the TMapFile class useful to my purpose?
Best regards and thanks in advance

Yes TMapFile is the class to use. See examples in the tutorials
$ROOTSYS/tutorials/net/hprod.C, hcons.C
An alternative is to store histograms in a local file on the producer and access it
via http (TFile *f=TFile::Open(“http://xxx.yy.zz/hists/myhists.root”).
In this case the remote client runs native ROOT and access the histograms by
communicating with a httpd running on the producer machine (standard web server).
This is far much better than the conventional and slow approach consisting in generating
graphics files (.gif, .jpg, etc) and visualize them with a web browser.