SIGSEGV from TGeoNavigator::SearchNode():

Dear all,
I’m receiving a SIGSEGV from TGeoNavigator::SearchNode():

I create a pair of navigators; then I set one of them to a certain starting point / direction. Then I move the point along the geometry. When this is done I initialize the second navigator with the same point/direction of the other one.
The crash happens at the first initialization.

                           _beamPoint->X() ,
                           _beamPoint->Y() ,
                           _beamPoint->Z() ,
                           _beamDirection->X() ,
                           _beamDirection->Y() ,
                           _beamDirection->Z() );

I’ve checked that the point/direction is correct:

Any suggestion is welcome!

Many thanks,

Removing the navigators I was able to avoid the crash.