Signal Efficiency chart in BDT output

This is a silly question I know, but when you train, test, and evaluate methods in the TMVA toolkit, it shows you a little chart with the signal efficiency of training and test data. However, it lists different values “@B=0.01” “@B=0.10” and “@B=0.30” and I was wondering what B is?? What is the meaning of 0.01, 0.10 and 0.30 ??? This is kind of urgent haha so any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @annacostelle,

I think it refers to the background efficiency. @moneta -a TMVA expert- should be able to give you more information.


yes correct, the table shows the signal efficiency value at given background (B) efficiency (0.01,0.10,0.30) for the testing data and for training data (values within the parenthesis)



Thank you for the response! That makes perfect sense !