Should root move its head from dir include to include/root for conda version?

_ROOT Version:6.24.00 conda
_Platform:mac os x 10.15
_Compiler: conda default

Hi all:
Just a suggestion.
root have a conda version, but when I install it with conda
the header files of root were install at directory .../include (not .../include/root)
I thought .../include/root is better, because there are some files with common filenames, for example
I’d love to use

#include <root/RVersion.h>

instead of

#include <RVersion.h>


Hi @cxwx1 ,
I am afraid that would break a lot of code. I absolutely see the benefits, but I am not sure, given the current situation, they outweigh the problems.

Note however that only legacy ROOT headers are not under a ROOT directory: all new/modern headers are included as <ROOT/RVec.hxx> or similar.


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