Sharing data between two applications


I have a neuron builder application that makes 3 D representation of neurons and circuits of neurons. This representation is then used for building input structure for neuron simulation. The application is c++ based and uses VTK.

I have another application that uses ROOT and QT (using QT Root) that allows user to select the neurons from the root database that he want to make part of the circuit.

What I need is that using this database application I select the neurons I want to be included and load them in memory. And then these neurons are loaded by the builder for 3D representation.

And I want that these applications separately i.e. not including the database functionality into the builder application and also by not using call backs functions that pass data in between.

I wanted to know if this is doable using facilities provided by ROOT framework; if YES then I will appreciate any hints/links.

Note that these applications are started separetly and both of them link to ROOT framework i.e. builder with root only and database application with root, qt-root and my library. The data that I want to pass are simple int and double arrays containing neuron morphology information.

Many thanks for your help,