Shapes are not drawn after import GDML

My root version is ROOT Version ROOT 6.10/02 Built for linuxx8664gcc
After a GDML is imported shapes are not drawn anymore in the editor of the TGeoManager. The canvas appears and the shape seems to be there but is not visible.

Here the tube is visible after selecting shape in the editor
TGeoTube *t=new TGeoTube(0,2,3)

If I import a GDML before
and generate the tube after the import as before the shape is visible in the list of the editor but the tube is not drawn. In the shape editor I can change the dimensions.

Anyone an idea? Is there a possibility to make the shape in the editor visible after an import of a GDML file? (449 Bytes)

I think @agheata will most probably be able to help

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