SetUnloaded in state 3 : issue?


I have a silly issue in a library I developed.
Hopefully data in this class are safe, but this is annoying sometimes when I quickly want to open a root files and close using “.q”

Do you have any suggestion how to fix this ?

Fatal in <TClass::SetUnloaded>: The TClass for UIUC::DYPhysics::Vertex is being unloaded when in state 3

The dico used is the following :

#pragma link off all globals;
#pragma link off all classes;
#pragma link off all functions;

#pragma link C++ namespace UIUC+;

#pragma link C++ class UIUC::DYPhysics+;
#pragma link C++ class UIUC::DYPhysics::Vertex+;
#pragma link C++ class UIUC::DYPhysics::Frame+;

Thank you for your help !

Hi Marco,

Which version of ROOT are you using? What minimal set of action/script leads to the problem?


Hello pcanal,

I am using ROOT 6-16-00 and I just need to do the following:


root -l hist.root

root [0]

Attaching file hist.root as _file0…

(TFile *) 0x1dd6580

root [1] .q

Fatal in TClass::SetUnloaded: The TClass for UIUC::DYPhysics::Vertex is being unloaded when in state 3



Btw, this is a tree which is holding UIUC::DYPhysics::Vertex.


Can you try with the master?

If not, can you provide a reproducer?


I will test the master branch, np!

Hey, I compiled root with the master branch.
The problem is still here. Do you have any advice to solve this ?

Perhaps I am just doing something wrong… idk
Thank you very much anyway !

Can you provide a reproducer?

I will try to find some time to do that !
Is that an internal root issue ?

Best regards

I am not sure until I look at the reproducer :slight_smile:

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