Setting up PyROOT on Win 10


I regret that this question is rather basic in the context of this forum, however I’m starting to pull out my hair…

After installing what appears to be the latest version of ROOT available to Windows (5.34/36 from CERN’s site), I also installed Python 2.7.13 (along with an IDE).

Now I’m trying to set up PyROOT, with no success. Following the guide,
I went for the third option (as I’m indirectly involved with ATLAS). First command - I couldn’t figure out which are the official build pages for details on [< arch>]. Ignoring that, none of the later commands work.

I would be very grateful for some direction…


I have no problem setting it up and running it:

Cheers, Bertrand.

Hey, thank you very much!
For completeness, I’ll add that your comment inspired me to use the compressed debug version (instead of the non-debug .exe file that I used up until now - although I am not certain that this was the problem).