Setting up older ROOT version on M1 mac

I’ve been trying to install delphes for a long time now, but always throws fatal errors that I can’t understand or find online, so I decided to find a tutorial that incorporates everything I’m trying to learn. However, it outlines a specific set of versions of the software I need to use, with ROOT needing to be 6.02.08 for mac.

Downloading it went ok, but when I add the line source /Users/npolishetty/ROOT/root-6.02.08/bin/ to my bash profile, the root command isn’t found. I can’t figure out why it isn’t working, as it was working fine before when I was using newer versions of ROOT.

ROOT Version: 6.02.08
Platform: M1 Mac

MacOS and XCode more often than not introduce backward incompatible changes. So it is unlikely that such an old version of ROOT will work properly. If you have no choice but to use this version, I recommend that you install and use a virtual machine software and run a linux OS within that virtual machine.

In that case, do you have any idea what set of versions would be compatible to work together on an M1? I’m trying to use Madgraph5, Pythia, Delphes, and ROOT.

I do not follow the release cycle of those packages :frowning: so I am not sure which of their version will work with what you have.