Setting TTree UserInfo with TParallelMergingFile

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ROOT Version (e.g. 6.12/02): 6.10/08
Platform, compiler (e.g. CentOS 7.3, gcc6.2): CentOS 6.9, gcc 4.9.3


I’m trying to write a static member of a class (a TClass*) to file by adding it to the UserInfo of a TTree. This was recommended a while ago (2009) as a performant solution (Rootcint and static data members). Whenever I try to do this the program crashes when it reaches a call to TParallelMergingFile::Write.
At which point is it recommended to set the user info of the tree? In the clients before the trees are merged, or after the merge has already happened?


@pcanal could you have a look, please?

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