Setting a global TMVA debug flag


In the TMVA code I keep finding print messages of the following form:

Log() << kDEBUG << “This is a debug message” << Endl;

How can I enable these print messages? I tried adding the string option VerbosityLevel=Debug to certain TMVA methods but not all of them know this option and I want to apply this flag to all the TMVA class instantiations.

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Hi, there are 3 places where you can add the verbosity level option:

1) auto factory = Factory{dataloader, "", "VerboseLevel=Debug"};
2) dataloader->PrepareTrainingAndTestTree("", "", "VerboseLevel=Debug");
3) factory.BookMethod(..., ..., "VerbosityLevel=Debug")

Please do note the change in option name for BookMethod. Also, it is my impression that sometime the verbosity option does not play nice with the "V" option. If you don’t see the expected debug output, try changing "V:VerbosityLevel=Debug" to just "VerbosityLevel=Debug".


Thank you ver much. The removal of the V option was indeed necessary.