SetMarkerStyle(20) Draw("p") problem

I’m trying to draw a histogram with symbols. I’ve done this for years, but I can’t get the attached code to work. When I use the Draw(“p”) option, I get no symbols, but rather a line drawn between the histogram bins.
Ken (16.5 KB)
sorted_pic1.C (423 Bytes)

For your first call use option “ap” instead of "p"
Option “a” computes the range and draw the axis.


Hi Rene,
the “ap” option did not change the line problem. But I played around with it some more and found that symbols will draw if I lower the number of bins in the histogram. If I use too many bins, the symbols seem to get drawn as points with a line between them. See attached.
btw, thanks for all the help
sorted_pic1.C (614 Bytes) (14.6 KB)

When drawing a histogram with more bins than the number of pixels on your screen, ROOT switches automatically in low/fast resolution mode.
Why do you use histograms with so many bins where only a tiny fraction is filled? You should use a TGraph instead.


OK, thanks Rene, mystery solved. You are correct, I am being lazy and using a histogram to plot points. Never hit this limit before.