Set tool tip for TEve elements

Dear Rooters,
I wrote a program with the TEve but have some problem.
I want to achieve a function that the element will be highlighted and a tool tip will be shown when we put the mouse pointer to the element. Just like the function " TGButton::SetToolTipText".
The elements are inheriting from TEveElement, I found some commands like “TEveElement::GetHighlightTooltip()” that maybe indicate the function can be achieve. Isn’t it?

Thanks a lot!


You have to call SetPickable(true) on an element, then title will be used for tooltip (or you can override GetHighlightTooltip()). You can also call SetPickableRecursively(bool) to set it for a whole hierarchy.

Eve also supports two-level selection, try tutorials/eve/quadset.C and then use alt-left-click to select individual sub-elements. … table.html


Dear Matevz,
I am very pleased to be able to get your help. The methods you mentioned really worked well! =D>

Thank you very much~~