Set TGCompositeFrame to fit into TGMainFrame


Is there any way to make TGCompositeFrame (which is menu in my application) to fit into main browser’s frame. On big screens whole menu can be seen, but on small ones, just upper half. I want to make it re-sizable so it can fit on any screen.
I don’t want to use scroll bar. :frowning:

Here are the pictures:
Ideal look - whole menu can be seen

Half of the menu is missing

Thank you!!


I suppose you’re talking about the “histogram” group frame? (since I don’t see any problem with the menus)
If it is the case, I’m afraid there are not much we can do more than using a scroll bar (or what would you suggest? Decrease the font size and squeeze the widgets in the frame until everything fits in?)
Or did I misunderstand the question?

Cheers, Bertrand.

Yes, I meant “histogram” group frame.
And I was thinking about proportionally sizing to fit the screen. But, now I understand that it would involve squeezing everything up :frowning: I will put a scroll bar and hope that my users will mostly have big screens :bulb:

Thank you!