Set Strategy


I am using minuit to fit a 2D 3rd order polynomial.
The code is compiled outside root as part of a c++ program.
Everythink works fine, but I wanted to see if I can improve the fit.
I found in the documentation that setting the STRategy could improve the fitting
so I am trying to change the STRategy from the default 1 to 2, using the lines below:

Double_t arglist[10];
Int_t ierflg = 0;
TMinuit *gMinuit = new TMinuit(15);
gMinuit->mnexcm(“SET STR”, arglist ,1,ierflg);

but when compiles I get the followin error:

mymain.o(.text+0x2b8f): In function fit_XYuv_graphs_exp()': : undefined reference toTMinuit::TMinuitin-charge
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [myprog] Error 1

although I am including all the necessary

Am I setting the STRategy properly, is there any other way to set the STRategy?

When linking, you need to specify -lMinuit