Set directory for hidden temporary files?


on integrating CINT into ICONNECT we noticed some strange stops of CINT. After some searching around we traced it to CINT and hidden files in the root of the current drive.

In our application CINT runs in an own thread independently from the GUI. However, after opening the standard windows file dialog and changing to another drive (but not closing the dialog) CINT stops, if the user is not allowed to create files in the root directory of this drive. On switching the drive again CINT starts working (again no need to close the dialog).

So my question is whether it is possible to specify a location for these hidden files (because I did not find anything in ref.txt.)


Hi Andreas,
see This is a known problem with Cint’s temporary files (actually with the way windows creates temporary files using a standard API call - as you have noticed they end up in the root dir of the current drive). The link provides you with a build flag that creates a work-around.

Hi Axel,

rebuilding libcint.dll using G__TMPFILE solved our problem. Thanks a lot.