Self.val.type.template_argument error

Dear rooters,

Assume the following function

TH2F *Stack(std::vector<TH1F*> hists) { //TH2F *hStack = new TH2F("hStack","Stack",8000,0,8000,510,-255,255);// for FIMG TH2F *hStack = new TH2F("hStack","Stack",9e6,0,0.01,5000,-2000,3000); // for HPGE for (size_t i=0;i < hists.size(); i++) { cout << "Hist size is " << hists.size() << endl; cout << i << " "; for (int bin = 0; bin < hists[i]->GetNbinsX(); bin++) { cout << endl << bin << " " ; int resultBin = hStack->FindBin(bin, hists[i]->GetBinContent(bin)); int binContent = hStack->GetBinContent(resultBin) + 1; hStack->SetBinContent(resultBin,binContent); } } return hStack; }//End of TH2F* Stack(vector<TH1F> hists)

I am calling this function inside my code

[code]//Load File
TFile *f = new TFile(TString::Format(“HPGe_%d_%d_%d.root”,runfirst, runlast, last_segment));
if (f->IsOpen()==kFALSE) {cout << “File " << f->GetName() << " not found” << endl;}

for (int run = runfirst; run <= runlast; run++){
	for (int seg = first_segment; seg <= 1001; seg++) {
		cout << "Run     : " << run << endl;
		cout << "Segment :      " << seg << endl;
		cout << "-----------------" << endl;
		TH1F *hSignal     = (TH1F*)f->FindObjectAny(TString::Format("h_HPGe_%d_%d_%d;1", detn, run, seg));
		if(!hSignal){cout << "***Segment not found. Moving on." << endl;	continue;}
		hists.push_back(hSignal);	//[seg-first_segment]=hSignal;
	}//End of loop over segments
}//End of Loop over runs

//Compute average
cout << "Stacking raw histograms" << endl;
TH2F *hStack = Stack(hists);//Raw Signals Stack<-------------This is line 35[/code]

When running my code I get the following weird error

[quote]=========================================================== #5 0x00007f7750d89b08 in TObjectRefSpy::ShowMembers(TMemberInspector&) () from /usr/lib64/root/ #6 0x00007f77460a53f9 in Stack (hists=Traceback (most recent call last): itype0 = self.val.type.template_argument(0) #7 0x00007f77460a64d1 in mean_Gamma_Flash_HPGE (runfirst=102642, runlast=102642, first_segment=1000, last_segment=2000, detn=1) at /afs/ ===========================================================[/quote]

Note that line 35 is the call to Stack function.

I used some printing commands to trace the error and I was able to find the the crash occurs after the fisrt execution of the first for loop i.e. (output from execution)

[quote][code]Run : 102642
Segment : 1000

***Segment not found. Moving on.
Run : 102642
Segment : 1001

Stacking raw histograms
Hist size is 1

*** Break *** segmentation violation

There was a crash.
This is the entire stack trace of all threads:


Any idea on why is this happening?

Thank a lot in advance!


Those kind of stack trace usually indicates memory corruption. And indeed you code snippet shows std::vector<TH1F*> hists ..... hists.push_back(hSignal); //[seg-first_segment]=hSignal; hSignal->Delete(); where the code push a pointer (hSignal) a container and then immediately delete the memory the pointer refers to … consequently any access/use of this pointer later on (in the function Stack for example) will lead to completely random behavior. Simply remove the ‘Delete()’ line and the code should work.