Selecting entries hitting two detectors

Hello, I’ve this root file WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free
by this macro I can make a loop over all the hits

lemma.h (5.3 KB)
lemma.C (3.2 KB)

currently the macro just print for each hit the detector number and the particle id (PDG id)

now I should select entries making hits both (i.e. &&) on subdetector 37 and 51…

I.e. for example, I want to select electrons (PDG particle id=11) hitting first on subdetector=37 and later on subdetector = 51

How can I do it?
Thank you

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Hi @faca87 ,
sorry for the high latency, this must have slipped through the cracks.

I think you just have to add something like this at the beginning of lemma::Process:

if (!yourcondition)
  return false;

So, for every entry, you just return if you don’t “like” the entry. Otherwise you execute the rest of the code in lemma::Process.


Hello @eguiraud the problem is that if I write the condition

subdetector = 51 && subdetector = 37

it looks for particles hitting the 2 subdetectors at same time (impossible)…

I need to look for particles hitting first the subdetecto 37 and LATER the subdetector 51…so what condition should I write?

Hi @faca87 ,
does “later” mean “in a subsequent entry of the dataset”? If that’s the case, there is no direct interface to do that: Process is called once per entry. You will have to do something like store the result of the first selection in a data member of lemma, and then if you get a hit on subdetector 37 you can look back to see if the same particle also hit other subdetectors before.


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