Selecting/entering (default) text in dialog windows for hist

When I see histogram name in TBrowser, I right-click on it and choose " SetName", then I try to copy name so I can paste it into my macro. I CAN’t.

Would nice if I could.

Of course I can use other methods to extract name but it would more convinient if this worked too.

Another one:

When I right-click on 2d histogram and choose ShowProjectionX
new dialog window pops up. I have to manually click on text-entering line before I can punch in 1 ( meaning one channel projection). I do it so often that I would like this to be a default. So that I dont have to click and punch in 1 all the time I try to show projections.

All for the sake of convinience.


It will be good if you specify the version of ROOT in use, on which platform. Copy/paste issue was implemented recently.

About the rest - it is reasonable and is included in our ToDo list. We will keep you informed.

Cheers, Ilka

linux FC5, root 5.13/04

Hi Khamit,

Thank you. The copy/paste functionality was implemented two weeks after this version of ROOT. If you can move to the recent one.

Cheers, Ilka