Segmentation violation in plotting part

I am using a virtual machine and standard framework for data analysis at 13 TeV. Can’t draw histograms. I carefully followed the readme file, the analysis (for example ZBoson) seems to complete correctly (dataA.root dataB.root and others appeared in the Output folder). But when I execute the script in the terminal, an error message appears:

Analysis option found, proceeding...
Reading list of histograms from: list_histos/HistoList_ZBosonAnalysis.txt

Analysis: ZBosonAnalysis, reading input from: inputfiles/Files_base.txt

Reading files from: ../Analysis/ZBosonAnalysis/Output_ZBosonAnalysis

=====processing ZBosonAnalysis=====

Error in <TFile::TFile>: file ../Analysis/ZBosonAnalysis/Output_ZBosonAnalysis/data.root does not exist

 *** Break *** segmentation violation

Apparently, the data .root file should have appeared in the Output folder, and not the dataA files listed above, etc.
Help please, am I doing something wrong in the analysis part?


From the error:

Error in <TFile::TFile>: file ../Analysis/ZBosonAnalysis/Output_ZBosonAnalysis/data.root does not exist

It seems that a certain ROOT file can’t be found in that path, could you check that?

Yes, I mentioned it above. There is no data .root file, but there are dataA .root dataB .root dataC .root datad .root files. I am trying to figure out if this is a program error or I am doing something wrong.
As far as I can see in the analysis code the 4 above files are created, but the data .root file is not created.

I see, is it possible that data.root needs to be generated by some other program that should run first, or the program you are running should be self-contained?

Alternatively, perhaps you need to rename dataA.root , etc. to data.root before you can generate the plots with I am just speculating here, since I don’t know how the code is supposed to be used.