Segmentation violation in CloneTree [Solved]


I may have found a strange bug in TTree::CloneTree. My goal is to split a TChain into several trees (in several root files), depending on what I found in the TChain. The problem is, that this simple function produces a segfault (at least in compiled version. I just did a quick check with CINT and could not reproduce the error there).

void somefunc(TChain *somechain) {
	TTree *Tout = somechain->CloneTree(0);

As I do not know how many output trees I will have to create before I loop over the original chain, I’m looking for a possibility to call CloneTree(0) after/during calls to GetEntry?


I was able to solve the problem by using root version 5.26 instead of 5.22 :wink:

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