Segmentation fault with G4UIRoot

Does anyone have an idea what could cause G4UIRoot (v4.8.2, running with GEANT verision 4.8.3) to crash whenever one tries to expand the command tree?

The crash log is attached which happens when the ROOT (v5.26) application tries to create a text box where one can enter parameters for one of the GEANT commands.
screenlog.0.txt (13.9 KB)


Do you have this kind of problem only with G4UIRoot? (i.e. can you run ROOT GUI without problem?)
Then, could you tell me how to install G4UIRoot, in order to try? Does it comes with Geant4? (sorry to ask, but as it is not part of ROOT…)

Cheers, Bertrand.

G4UIRoot is a slightly older alternate UI as an extension to GEANT4. The extension can be downloaded from … ation.html

The last version of ROOT that the author claims to have checked it against is 5.15 (perhaps, it’s too outdated to run with 5.26). I haven’t noticed any other troubles with the Root GUI to date. I’ll see if I can drub up a simple test outside the GEANT4 UI that produces a similar problem.