Segmentation fault when calling TCleanOut::M from SLitrani


I’m trying to get SLitrani to work on root 5.32/01, but whenever I try to call one of the functions that decompose a spectrum into gaussians the whole program crashes with a segfault…

According to the backtrace I think this is a Problem with the TCleanOut::M* functions:

My main concern is that root itself runs without any (serious) problems, as well as the SLitrani demo applications. But whenever I try to generate am emission spectrum for SLitrani this error occurs even if I try to execute one of the provided macros for e.g. In6WOTb.

Has anyone experienced similar problems or does anyone have a workaround?

Thanks in advance,


I found a brute force solution, in case anyone is experiencing a similar error:

I modified the SLitrani “TLitSpectrum.cpp” source code, in particular I removed all call to the TCleanOut class. This solves the problem, I didn’t experience any other error (apart from the usual crashes). I’ll post my modified version as attachment, all function and class calls that produce the crash are just commented.

TLitSpectrum.cpp (91.5 KB)