See rejected points in a fit

I am using RejectPoint() in my fit function to fit a certain histogram, but I think it is rejecting more points than I want it to. Is there a way to see which data points the Fit() method of TH1 uses and/or reject in a fit.

Maybe this … if you use the chi2 method, bins with zero-errors (a.k.a. “empty bins”) will usually be excluded.
See TH1::Fit and [url]Empty bins treatment when fitting
Another potential source of problems is the “R” fit options -> if the range specified in the (fit) function range is too narrow, some histogram bins will be excluded.

(And yes, I know I didn’t answer your original question.)

Thanks a lot for the idea. Using “WW” in options helped. Also I found a bug in my own code (the RejectPoint had a wrong condition :slight_smile: