Searching ROOT documentation


From the ROOT home page .

I suspect therefore that “Search” is not bothering to look for information in the Reference Manual, which is a shame, because this is one of the best places to look. (I also doubt if it is searching the User Manual or RootTalk digest).

If I am correct, could you please modify this “Search” tool to search these additional sources of information ?

Even more surprisingly, if I go to the Reference Manual page and type “TTree” into the search window “Use this field for a quick search of the reference guide:”, it still fails to find the TTree reference guide documentation. So I suspect this search is not working properly either.

Ian Tomalin


the search window at the top right of the ROOT home page currently only searches the drupal content and not the automatically generated reference guide. I’ll look into extending the search to include full site.

The search box in the reference guide uses Google and limits the search to the reference guide, however, the TTree page is ranked lower than the TTree source code pages. Unfortunate.

If you go to the Search page (Support/Search) ( and use the Google search you get TTree on the top, pointing to the reference guide (?).

Cheers, Fons.