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The search engine cannot find words that appear in Code parts.
Can this be fixed somehow?
(And what about attachments that are known to contain “text” only?)

I don’t see the search problem in [CODE] segments, try search for:


and you see it highlights the search term also in [CODE] segments.

However, to have full google search in the forum I’ve added Google search in this page:


and inZwindow is also here found correctly.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Fons.

That’s a bit difficult to understand now.
From time to time (quite often actually) I try to “reuse” my posts (source code examples inside) when replying in new topics. On many occasions, I noticed that the “Search” cannot find them. Even though I am sure that I used a particular “word” some time ago in some post, when I try to search for that “word”, nothing comes out.
Finally, my observation was that the problem seems to be related to “CODE” sections.
The “Search” engine was usually able to find my “word” if it was present in an “ordinary text” in the post.
I don’t remember now what I was searching for (i.e. what magic “word”) that finally triggered this problem report.
For now, as an example, try to find “GetListOfKeys”. I get 45 “matches” but none of my posts.
I am sure that at least one exists: [url]Reading the result of a fit from a file

Another example, fresh from the mint … search for “SetLegendFont” and you will get 4 “matches”, but you will NOT get two relevant posts (in which “SetLegendFont” appears only in the “CODE” section):
[url]Changing the legend font using TStyle
[url]Changing fonts in TLegend via gStyle

This is really a problem, I believe. Effectively, the user is not able to find “source code examples”.

(BTW. As already mentioned, it would be nice if the search engine was also able to look inside of files attached to posts -> they also contain some good examples.)

Try the search term “*SetLegendFont” and use the Google search on the Search.php page and the alpha->SetLegendFont will be found. However the phpbb search is not happy.

– Fons