Scaling histogram and associated functions

Hi roottalkers,

a quick question: what would be the simplest, the most elegant way to “filp”
(change the sign) of the 1D historam AND its associated functions?
I find in the roottalk that the histogram can be manipulated via:


but but when I try it the associated function is (of course) left unchanged.
I guessthat I can do the change in many way, but is there a way to do it in one or
two lines without defining the additional copies of the original histogram and
functions? I’d like to keep the code clutter-free ;:sunglasses:
(I am doing the “fflip” just for presentation purposes …)

                                        Cheers, Emil

Sorry, I posted this in a wrong place - it should go into root support.
Won’t happen again …

I always thought of the two forums and kind of interchangeable. As long as you didn’t post it to My Root App, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. :smiley: (Not that I have anything to do with the management…)

I had thought there were rumors that the two forums were going to be merged. Was that just a rumor, or the idea was dropped?


Currently TH1::Scale does not change the objects in the list of functions.
This could be implemented (as an option), but do not expect it
in the short term.