Sax XML parser

Hello everybody,

I am writting to you because i try to understand how works sax parser.
I already used DOM parser but now, i need to take information in big XML files.
It is the reason why i choose sax parser.

Here is my problem:
I try to get information/values of particular nodes and attributes in my .xml.
In the tutorial of root, there are examples but all the .xml is read.

I do not know the syntax to use to get a specific node.
Example: if i have

<medium name="04" type="bb" temp="250"> <micro test1="B1" result="2"/> <micro test1="B2" result="7"/> <micro test1="C3" result="9"/> <micro test1="O4" result="1"/> <medium name="06" type="cc" temp="250"> <micro test1="B1" result="9"/> <micro test1="B2" result="9"/> <micro test1="C3" result="9"/> <micro test1="O6" result="1"/>

How can i get the values of result (all the values) from node name=“06” and not from the “04”?

I think i need to precise it in “OnStartElement()” function

Nobody knows ? Or my question is stupid ?
Is it at least possible to use sax in this condition ?

[quote]I think i need to precise it in “OnStartElement()” function[/quote]Yes, I think so.