Saving TEntryListArray to TFile

Can anyone provide me with some guidance on the canonical way to save a TEntryListArray to a file? I’m using v5.34. The following seems to run forever (I’ve let it run for ~10 minutes or so before finally giving up):

Craig's default style is loaded.
root [0] 
Attaching file /pic/projects/belle2/itop_production_mdst_20131011/20130609/ntprod-20131011-exp2.root as _file0...
root [1] TTree* t = (TTree*) _file0->Get("Event")
root [2] TFile* fel = TFile::Open("elist.root", "RECREATE");
root [3] t->Draw(">>el", "hasleps&&good_asic&&bunchNum>-5&&bunchNum<40", "entrylistarray")
root [4] TEntryListArray* el = (TEntryListArray*) gDirectory->Get("el")
root [5] el
(class TEntryListArray*)0x1bcad40
root [6] fel->Write()
<spins forever>

CPU usage is 100% during the Write() call, so it’s doing something. ntprod-20131011-exp2.root is a large file (7.2G), and it takes about 30s or so to create the TEntryListArray. During Write(), the file size never increases beyond a few K. I suspect I am not using this correctly.

Thanks in advance!