Saving images in batch mode on OS X


I’m having trouble with batch mode on OS X. I’ve tried the same on Linux and had no problems.

A bug perhaps?

The images show the differences in output.

Here’s sample code:

void bar(){

TCanvas *c = new TCanvas();
TFile f("/Users/karol/data/testing/bindata-liverpool-daq.root");
TH2F *h=(TH2F *)f.Get(“hADCvsChan_Link_5”);

root binary version v5.10 mac os x 10.4.6

I’ve had the same problem with v5.08

Advance Thanks,

Oh, one more thing.

PDF output is fine in both modes, but png, gif, jpeg are crap using batch.

I cannot reproduce this problem (MacBookPro Intel) with ROOT version 5.11/02.
I assume that you are running with PowerPC engine.


Yes that’s true, powerpc 867MHz, wish I had a macbook :wink:

I have the same problem using TImageDump. Perhaps it’s a speed issue? Just a hunch.

I see that a protection has been added to teh class TASimage since version 5.10. Could you try the version 5.11/02 or newer?


OK. Just tried that, no change.