Saving gif files in batch mode

I apologize if this is too close to a “request” instead of a problem. It is currently not possible to save gif files in batch mode. I have two questions:

  1. Why is this? (I assumed that it had to do with the Gif patent; but that ran out last year)

  2. Is there any plan to change this?


p.s. Yes, I know you can convert an eps file to a gif file, but this is really CPU intensive. If it would be possible to write gif files directly from root (in batch mode) it would make many things easier. :slight_smile:


This is because the gif writing is implemented by first rendering on the screen. However you can emulate batch mode by creating a ‘virtual frame buffer’ (See example in the roottalk archive).


eps to gif is expensive with ghostscript (convert uses gs). We found another solution which is to use a Java program called Batik. This is not as nice looking as with gs, but 30 times faster. And you don’t need a frame buffer device.