Save TMVA::Reader as binary to .root file?

Dear TMVA team,

I’m dealing with a set of ~4000 BDT classifiers, trained for the signal/background separation in specific angle-momenta ranges. Each time in the beginning of weights application I’m reading all the xml-files with weights (btw, 12 GB), it takes ~30 minutes.

Is it possible to save the configured Reader as a binary object to the .root file? This would accelerate the process. I didn’t find any info in the class reference or User Guide.

Thanks in advance!


Unfortunately this is not supported at the moment, but it is a feature that we would like to implement. We hope we can add this feature in 6.22

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Hi, thanks for your reply,

I found in the depth of the forum Convert format of TMVA weight file from xml to root the same issue, some collaborations have made the stuff doing xml_2_root_tree conversion: This is a welcome tool, hope to see it in next releases. Thanks again!