"SAMEPROF" option on Version 4.00/08"


Perhaps this has been already comented before (though I have searched in the forum) but I have a problem when trying to superimpose
a Profile histogram over another Profile histogram and this problem does not occur -at least- in Version 3.05/05

Basically I do the following:

   root[0] chain1->Draw("var1:var2", "var2<a","PROF");
   root[1] chain2->Draw("var1:var2", "var2<a","SAMEPROF");

and nothing appears when issuing the second command, i.e., the Canvas remains just showing the first profile histo (I have checked, of course, that eliminating the “SAME” option in the second command draws in the right way -within the same axis values- the variables corresponding to chain2)

The strange thing is that the same rott Trees with the same commands works perfectly in Version 3.05/05.

         Any idea?


           Celso Martínez Rivero

This problem has been fixed in the development version in CVS and will be part
of the development release 4.01/04 coming shortly.


Thanks for the quick answer!