Same code, changing histograms

I’m having a problem running a histogram-analyzer code. Basically, it calculates the integral of the histogram from the nth bin to the end, for all n bins. Then it performs various calculations with this and puts out other histograms.
The problem I’m having is that the histograms it produces have a number of anomalies, and while trying to figure the problems out, the histograms change wildly every time I modify something trivial in the code (i.e. something that has nothing to do with data processing, such as a cout).
There’s also a number of “zeros” in the bins, which are really very small numbers (<10^-200). These also jump around the histogram every time I modify the code slightly.

I’m thinking that the problem might be the large amount of data I’m processing, as the code produces over 2500 different histograms.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

we need the shortest possible piece of code (script) and data file reproducing your problem.


The problem is solved, it had to do with an uninitialized variable that I didn’t notice.