Runtime error in lhcbOpenData.C

ROOT Version: 6.27
Platform: Ubuntu(WSL)

Hi!, when I am running the file ntpl003_lhcbOpenData.C like
root ntpl003_lhcbOpenData.C

It’s showing
Convert leaf B_FlightDistance [Double_t] → field B_FlightDistance [double]
terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘ROOT::Experimental::RException’
what(): invalid attempt to get default entry of unfrozen model
ROOT::Experimental::REntry* ROOT::Experimental::RNTupleModel::GetDefaultEntry() const [/home/sayang/root_src2/tree/ntuple/v7/src/RNTupleModel.cxx:135]

Hi @Sayandeep_Ghosh,

since this is related to RNtuple, maybe @jalopezg can help.

Hi @Sayandeep_Ghosh,

are you using the latest version of that file (the one on the master branch at tutorials/v7/ntuple/? This version should have the required changes after merging PR [ntuple] Improvements to the write API by jblomer · Pull Request #9317 · root-project/root · GitHub. Could you please confirm?


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