Running test programs error


I’ve been trying to run the programs in the root/test folder and keep getting this message.

test]# gmake Generating dictionary EventDict.cxx... rootcint -f EventDict.cxx -c Event.h EventLinkDef.h rootcint: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory gmake: *** [EventDict.cxx] Error 127

I’m quite new to ROOT, but I’d like to use it in my c++ programs. Any ideas?

Dear Reben,

Did you set your environment in such a way the ROOT libs are found?
If not, can you try after sourcing the script under the ‘bin’ folder?

root/test~$ source ../bin/
root/test~$ make

G. Ganis

Thank you. I didn’t set up ROOT on this computer, so I tried the second suggestion and it worked.