Running RPC example on batchmode?

Currently I am successfully manage to compile the Garfield++/garfieldpp/Examples/RPC/ example, on my local computer and as a result, when executing the ./Weight file I get two plots in a root canvas which I can save, from File → Save as → save the plot as .pdf.

Now I wanted to try running it on lxplus but when I run the ./Weight file on lxplus it just stays on hold on:

Script: Electrons have drifted. It took 0.07s to run.
Sensor::ExportSignal: File 'SignalNaN.csv.csv' exported.
Sensor::ExportSignal: File 'ChargeNaN.csv.csv' exported.

I guess waiting for the user input to save the plots, but is there a way to run it like in batch mode, like a root file root -b Weight.C ?

What am I overlooking ?

Thanks in advanced

Hi @Las_D_Nestor,

Based on your description, it seems that the application might be trying to show a GUI (X11?). Can you enable X11 forwarding (i.e., $ ssh -X ...)and try again?

Regarding the question about a batch mode, perhaps @hschindl can provide some information here.


I have tried with GUI(x11), but the graphics and stability connection are very bad in my case. I have try it but with no success, that is why I post about the batch mode, because with that I can easily run the file and then copy the results to my local computer, much faster.

try commenting out the last line


and/or adding a line


at the beginning of the program.

I will give it a try. And I get the error

: In function 'int main(int, char**)':
../Garfield++/garfieldpp/Examples/RPC/Weight.C:193:1: error: 'gRoot' was not declared in this scope
  193 | gRoot->SetBatch(true);
      | ^~~~~
make[2]: *** [CMakeFiles/Weight.dir/Weight.C.o] Error 1
make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/Weight.dir/all] Error 2
make: *** [all] Error 2

Even do I have the header file #include <TROOT.h> . I am still looking what might be wrong


ohh, god I feel so bad. But, it now complies and finishes the job, but how can I save the plots? it finishes with :

AvalancheGrid::StartGridAvalanche::Avalanche maximum size of 1.6e+07 electrons reached at 0.901481 ns.
AvalancheGrid::StartGridAvalanche::Final avalanche size = 16000000 at t = 0.92892 ns.
Script: Electrons have drifted. It took 0.07s to run.
Sensor::ExportSignal: File 'SignalNaN.csv.csv' exported.
Sensor::ExportSignal: File 'ChargeNaN.csv.csv' exported.

and doing an ls

CMakeCache.txt  ChargeNaN.csv  SignalNaN.csv     Weight
CMakeFiles      Makefile       TimingRPCGas.gas  cmake_install.cmake

and I see no plot file saved, I mean I could replicate it having the .csv.

This is what I have made so far, I can run it in batch mode, and save all canvas in the end right before gROOT->SetBatch(true);


But the cSignal.png, cCharge.png are the same image, and cDrfit.png is not saved.

Well still no luck on the images and cDrift has a boolean flag set to false which I change to true and adding #include "TPad.h" and also gPad->Modified(); gPad->Update(); right before the three saves as, still no image of cDrift is created.

Did you set the flag plotDrift to true?

yes, I double checked and it worked, when I added Pad->Modified(); gPad->Update(); before


Thanks, a lot.

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