Running ROOT macros using LXPLUS

I am trying to use the LXPLUS service to run my own ROOT macros. I can successfully access ROOT itself, however, I do not know how to access the path “.:/usr/share/root/macros” to paste my macros. Could you help me with solving this problem?

Your ROOT macros do not need to be in any special path. You can run them from anywhere. If they are in your home directory, you can call for instance

root -l ~/myMacro.C

Thank you! How can I run my macro, using LXPLUS ROOT, if the macro is located on my personal computer? I am using Windows 10 as an operating system.

Hi Steven,

you should transfer your macro from your computer to lxplus. You can use WinSCP or something similar.

Hi Yus,

Thank you for your help! Now I can run my macros. However, the plots do not appear after running the macro. Is there a possibility to make the graphs visible without saving them (similar to that, when I run my ROOT macros on my PC)?

You’ll need Xming or something similar to transfer graphics from lxplus to your computer.

Thank you! Finally, the X-win32 solved this problem.