Running ROOT gives "Argument list too long"

I am trying to install root version 6.10.00 on Ubuntu 16.04.
The configure/make/make install procedure went fine but when I try to run ROOT from the command line I receive this response:

 root@frhesimul:/opt/root-6.10.00/root-6.10.00# root
 /usr/share/root/bin/root: 5: /usr/share/root/bin/root: /usr/share/root/bin/root: Argument list too long

Checking the file “/usr/share/root/bin/root” seems like that it is simply setting some paths.
I searched on google and tried to modify shell resource limits with the “ulimit” command but nothing changed.

I can’t figure out how to proceed, any kind of help is really appreciated.

Are you setting an alias in your shell? This looks like infinite recursion was triggered somehow when deciding what root to run. Why do you have a binary directory under /usr/share/root/bin?

No, I haven’t set any alias. How could I select the proper root?
I don’t actually know why the bin directory is there, I haven’t created it.

If you are using the classic build, please try again with CMake. The classic build is deprecated and may have some bugs.

Ok, that could be the problem. Now I’m trying to use cmake and seems that it is working fine ( except some errors but they are not related to this topic ).

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