Running proof in unprivileged mode

I try to run SLAC’s proof cluster in unprivileged mode in order to have it work together with FRM. But with xpd.multiuser 1 and -R for xproofd, it complains of not able to set ownership of state files under /.xproofd.1093/… (sorry, i don’t have exact error message with me since I deleted the log). Is there an example of how to setup a proof cluster in unprivileged mode? thanks,

Sorry, I meant to say that I have xpd.multiuser 1 in the configuration file and I ran xproofd as user daemon instead of running xproofd as root with -R daemon.


Unfortunately ‘xpd.multiuser 1’ was part of an experimental development that was never achieved and subsequent additions broke also what was working.
In the context of ALICE AFs we are discussing future steps which may revive this option. So there may be news soon about this.

Currently the only way to run pure PROOF in unprivileged mode is to run in single user mode, i.e. the user starting the daemon.
However, you can fake unprivileged multi-user using PoD which uses a resource management system to start one daemon per user. If you think that this may be a solution then you should have a look at the PoD pages at .

G. Ganis