Running GUI examples in Windows 7

EDIT: So, it seems that, again, the act of writing to a help forum summoned up the fix-it pixies :mrgreen: . I removed Root (VC++ 10 release) and installed the VC++ 7 release and now the Gui examples are working.

As you were…

Hi all,
I am wanting to look in to the functionality of the ROOT GUI. I am using Windows 7 with ROOT 5.30/06 and I have installed Visual C++ 2010 redistributable (x86 and 64-bit)
I’ve tried to run the guitest.C example:

.x guitest.C
but I receive the following errors.
Warning: Re-initialization ignored const kIterForward C:\root/include\TCollection.h
Warning: Re-initialization ignored const kIterBackward C:\root/include\TCollection.h
Warning: Re-initialization ignored const kNone C:\root/include\GuiTypes.h
… and others.

I receive similar errors if I try running other GUI examples.

I also tried running with > .x guitest.C++. Then I receive and error 'Cannot open include file: stddef.h: No such file or directory. However, I don’t know where stddef.h should live in order to point to it.

I appreciate any help,

Hi Alan,

Yes, as mentioned on the download page, you must take the binary built with the same version of Visual C++ than the one installed on your system. Glad you found the solution :slight_smile:

Cheers, Bertrand.