Running bash scripts parallely

I have multiple bash script files named as,,…; which I want to run in parallel; instead of running each of them one-by-one. Also, Does assigning them into the no. of cores speed up the computation? How should I do that using the terminal?

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ROOT Version: 6.24/02
Platform: Focal Release 20.04
Compiler: C++

You can run a process in the backgroud by adding an “&” at the end (e.g. ./ &) and starting them one after the other (./ &; ./ &; ./ &; ... etc), but for me, I’d run each in a separate terminal window, to better see any output from each one.
You can even do a script to open a terminal for each script. On XFCE, for instance:

xfce4-terminal --hold -e "./"
xfce4-terminal --hold -e "./"
# and so on

I would leave a couple of threads (1 core?) free, though, just to keep some resources free :slight_smile: so, if you have 8 cores (16 threads?), I’d run max 14 scripts at the same time; but it also depends on the available RAM and the speed of your storage (especially if you are reading/writing a lot, the storage may not keep up with the processor)…


Thank You. :smiley: The reply is helpful. @dastudillo

A suggestion: GNU Parallel - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation

They have detailed tutorial and examples in their website: GNU Parallel Tutorial — GNU Parallel 20220822 documentation

Just take a few minute and you will know how use this best tool to help you to do the job

parallel -j 10 "./{}" ::: run*.sh
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