Run STARlight

How to run starlight in ubuntu after editing and saving a file ?
Screenshot 2022-11-06 105219

What is the next step after running ?

Please help me.

Contact the STARlight developers and/or their support line to get help.

I hope

No idea.
I guess you need to talk to your colleagues and / or your supervisor about how to deal with your data.

Hi @Anas_Alaali ,

I am afraid we as a ROOT forum will have a hard time helping with this specific question.
After running, the bullet point says “Interpreting the output” (i.e. open the output.txt file that is created when running ./startlight >& output.txt&, and check its contents) – but how to interpret the contents of that output depends on the specifics of the starlight application, which is not directly related to ROOT.

Good luck and all the best,

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