RTMVA with XGBoost in SWAN

Dear Experts,

I am trying to book this method for training with XGBoost
factory.BookMethod(loader,TMVA.Types.kRXBG, “RXGB”, “!V:NRounds=80:MaxDepth=2:Eta=1”);

but somehow I am not able to use XGBoost. Could you please tell me if I have to install it separately as it is mentioned here http://oproject.org/pages/RMVA.html#installation? And if yes then how to do to using SWAN? Code is available at https://swan002.cern.ch/user/lata/notebooks/SWAN_projects/swanExamples1/notebooks/HHbbgg.ipynb

Kindly help.


Lata Panwar

Hi Lata,

I think that this is not the right forum. The SWAN community seems to be here https://swan-community.web.cern.ch/


Thanks. I will write here.