Rpath on MacOSX

Hi all,

I just noticed that the MacOSX 10.3 loader does not have any “rpath” option. Does anybody know what is the replacement ? I didn’t find it (but probably overlooked) in the configure script, specific for MacOSX.




Answering my own question, MacOSX doesn’t have any “rpath” option because the mechanism is a little bit different from other platforms. The equivalent option is to specify, at the library build time, and only for dynamic libraries, not bundles, the option “-install_name $(fullPath)/libMyName.dylib” where fullPath is the path to the library libMyName.dylib.
A program that link against this lib will know automatically the path to it, giving a behaviour similar to the “rpath” mechanism.

I noticed that in ROOT, this is not taken into account in the various building procedures. Sorry not to have time to correct it.

Still, I hope this is useful info.