Rotating TLegend

Hi all,

is there any chance to rotate a TLegend by 90 degrees? SetTextAngle(90) unfortunately rotates only the text not the whole entry.

Thanks for help, Martin

We have no plans to support this option.
Why do you need this strange feature?


Hi Rene,

thanks for the fast reply. For some design reasons I have to rotate a 1dim histogram. Everything works fine … just the legend is left.


Just another comment to clarify my last posting: What I want to do is to display a 1dim histogram rotated. I think this can be done in two differnet ways. First possibility would be to rotate the histogram itself by booking an empty histogram and to draw the entries of the y-axis by hand using eg. TPave Objects. In this case there’s no problem with rotation of the legend. Another possibilty would be to leave the original histogram as it is, just to rotate the axis labels and to rotate the eps-file in the end. Due to the fact that I have a couple of overlaid histograms including errors displayed on logarithm scale in that plot, I decided to try the second way, but then I have to rotate also the legend. Maybe there’s another possibilty to solve this problem?

Cheers, Martin

Have a look at $ROOTSYS/tutorials/hbars.C