RooUnfold : how to fill a response object?


I am fresh on this software.
RooUnfoldExample run successfully on my laptop.

Notice the example fill the train with pre-exist distributions(Gauss/possion)
using the method Fill(x,xt).It seems like that the response object is 1D(should
be 2D),which i can not understand.

The training data was stored in the .root files produced by Geant4,so how should
I fill the response object with these files.

It would be great of you to show me an example.

Thanks in advance. :smiley:


RooUnfold is not part of ROOT. For its support please contact directly the author, that you can get from the website … nfold.html


Thanks for replying!
I tried to contact the author,haven’t get a answer yet.
There’s few posts about RooUnfold in this forum.
Just wish somebody happen to be familiar with this and help out of here.

Anyway thank you very much! :smiley: